Executive Chairperson

Mathew Taapopi

Mathew Taapopi Hamutenya

Mr Mathews Taapopi Hamutenya (MTH) is an entrepreneur and a focused visionary leader on a mission to live a life of legacy for future generations. He grew up in Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. At a very early age Mathews began showing an interest in business ventures and today he is a well known business man and entrepreneur in Namibia.

Mathews hold a Post Graduate Diploma as well as a MBA from the Bradford University School Of Management. He is also a holder of a Financial Business Management Certificate from the Hoodland Height University in Cape Town. His successes and accomplishments in the entrepreneurial and leadership world have attracted much recognition by local and international observers. MTH is the classical definition of success and possesses common characteristics that are shared by successful business people, which includes a strong desire to get things going.

The Namibian Business Mogul did not just get things going, he got things going and has made sure that they have taken him places and given him international recognition and awards.

In 2011, Millennium Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd, under the leadership of Mr Hamutenya, received the Century International Quality ERA Award in the gold category in Geneva, Switzerland. Awards organised by Business Initiative Directions (BID). Through this, Millennium Investment Holdings was recognised for its commitment to quality and excellence, leadership technology and innovation that spruces up the success for Namibia in the business world.