Food Industry

Vaneli Foods

Vaneli Foods CC is a Namibian, family owned and operated farming business that produces, packages and supplies FRESH PRODUCE. Vaneli Foods was founded on the 8th September 2018 by couple, Vanessa Kauta and Ndeli Ndaitwah.

Vaneli Foods was founded with the goal to produce and supply AFFORDABLE, QUALITY FRESH PRODUCE for the enjoyment of the Namibian household, while at the same time creating job opportunities.

Vaneli Foods currently produces tomatoes and carrots, and currently employs 8 full time employees and up to 4 part-time employees.

Vaneli Foods slogan “it’s more than just a business, it’s a family farm” means that Vaneli Foods is owned and operated by a family, with a strong desire to hand down Vaneli Foods from one generation to another.

By doing so Vaneli Foods will continue to contribute to Namibia for generations to come by continuing to contribute to food security and job creation.