Mining Sector

Millennium Minerals (Pty) Ltd in association with MARENICA ENERGY

The Millennium Group has commenced branching out in the mining sector under the name of Millennium Minerals (Pty) Ltd and is currently exploring opportunities, amongst others. Currently exploring uranium in association with Marenica Energy, with Exclusive Prospecting License (EPL) 3287 covering 527km² and lies in the same uranium province as the Rossing and Langer Heinrich uranium mines and immediately north of the large Trekkopje Mine.

Namcot Diamonds (Pty) Ltd

NamCot Diamonds was set up in 2000 and has employed over 150 workers who have been trained by the company to cut and polish diamonds. The company is a trailblazer in the country’s diamond cutting and polishing industry, having established the second cutting and polishing factory after NamGem which was already in existence. A NDTC Sightholder dealing in the processing and distribution of diamonds and producing cut diamonds for export.