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The Millennium Group of companies has a diverse range of investment interests.
They run independently but under the vision and mission of MIH.

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Millennium Investment Holdingsleads amid Namibia's Economic Evolution

In the midst of the Southern African Region’s economic evolution, Namibia stands out for its dynamic shift towards diversification and globalisation. The nation is moving away from its traditional economic pillars towards a more varied and liberalised market landscape, influenced by new socio-political dynamics and a push for both public and private sectors to broaden their horizons. Within this changing environment, Millennium Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd emerges as a pivotal player, leveraging its strategic connections and deep-seated interests in key sectors such as property, tourism, mining, energy, fishing, aviation, and IT. As it navigates through the evolving business climate, the Millennium Group remains on the lookout for fresh opportunities, aiming to expand its footprint within existing markets and venture into new ones.

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